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Thank you all for joining us. Stay tuned for upcoming ceremonial Grief Concerts


Ceremonial Grief Concert in honor of Ethan Sisser

with the 
Gate Keepers

April 16th  8pm -10pm (EST)

(hosted by Greg, Jason, Sheri, Aditi and JoJo)

Now is the time! Many of us are full and in need of a safe and supportive place to grieve together. Because ceremony works on the energetic level it is not limited by physical distance. Each participant’s presence supports the group’s container. Thank you for considering joining in this important work at this time. 

Please join by clicking on picture below several minutes before our event begins. We will begin at 8pm (ESDT). Please plan to stay fully present and connected throughout our session.
Prepare Your Space Ahead Of Time

 If you have a candle of any kind, have it ready and we will light our candles together. Our time together will be powerful. Please gather around you what supports you: a votive candle, water to drink, images of what/who you are grieving, personally and/or culturally; flowers, greenery, stones, photos, colored cloths. Have ready a journal and/or writing utensils, facial tissues.  External speakers or a good quality sound source to fully appreciate the music being offered is recommended. Headphones will also work, although combining them with a wireless device while streaming creates very high emf exposure, and given that staying grounded for grief work is important, they are not ideal.

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To uphold confidentiality. What is said here stays here.
To focus on your own feelings.
To practice deep listening to others. 

General Disclaimer
By joining the Zoom group, you acknowledge that everything presented, including ideas, suggestions, activities and processes, are educational in nature and not medical or psychological treatment. We are here to assist with personal growth. Please know that you are responsible for your own care, and we urge you to consult with your trusted care providers for any specific medical, emotional, or psychological challenges, if need be.