Prayerful Resonance Chant Activation
with JoJo Silverman

Using Prayer and Sound to realize the Self.

Prayerful Resonance Chant Activation (PR) is a life changing individual healing experience.

Prayer is an exceptional tool for the healing of our species. Combined, in musical fashion, with the sacred names of the divine, it has unlimited power.

At our deepest level of awareness, we are all in total communion with One Source. Prayerful Resonance Chant Activation assists in awakening and affirming this knowing, leaving us feeling a deep sense of gratitude, hope, and joy.
   By acknowledging more connective, expansive, layers of our consciousness, through the resonance of powerful ancient mantras, and primordial sounds, life force energy (prana) is invited back into our being, helping to integrate and reconnect us with our larger Self. This reconnection awakens our inner knowing, the true purpose of our lives, and can allow for deep healing of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. 
Remote Sessions: The majority of Prayerful Resonance Chant Activations are done as "Distance" sessions. Although, on the superficial level, the recipient and the healer are in different physical locations these "distant" activations are actually not distant at all. This type of work helps awaken parts of the self that are non physical in nature, but that can have direct effects on our bodies. By eliminating the resistance, or distractions, of a physical experience, we are able to drop into a different level of awareness and receptivity. These remote activations may actually be more potent, and work on a deeper level, than the sessions done in person.

PR in person: If you would prefer to be present for your activation and will be in the Asheville, NC (or Western MA), this can easily be arranged.
  The recipient lies on a comfortable mat while they receive various chants, mantras, instruments and drumming that they are ready to feel. These positive vibrations can awaken new levels of emotion and spiritual awareness, bringing new levels of harmony and joy. The recipient needs only to relax and allow these new energies to pour in. An effortless, yet magical and sacred journey, this is the vibration rejuvenation we’ve been waiting for!

Prayerful Resonance "Devination" In addition to the positive vibrations of the sound work, this added component includes a written synopsis of information that is "downloaded" during the session. Like a road map, this information can help us see where we stand, what brought us to this point, and how to navigate our terrain.
Some of the navigational tools often included are:
-Methods for letting go of old belief systems or thought patterns
-Affirmations or practices to help embody a new vibration
-Insights into one's gifts and hidden strengths.
-Suggestions of music or simple mantras to use

"Your offering has helped me incredibly & beautifully......... I’ve been following the advice from your session summary and it’s all bang-on.  I’m amazed how everything you suggested is exactly right for me during this healing & recovery."
-Dominique (remote session Costa Rica to B.C. Canada)
Custom chant activation recordings available: Analog or digital (tape or CD) recordings are available. These recordings are created with the intention of healing for the recipient, through frequent listening. Only the person for whom the recording is made will listen to it. The recording will contain sacred sounds, mantras, or chants that come through to help the recipient recognize and remember his/her own divine nature.

Sessions are being offered at this time by donation.

Suggestions for Donations:
Prayerful Resonance: $80
PR with written "divination"  $95
Custom Recordings: $108

Please Contact: for more info

   "The session with you was one of the most powerful healing experiences I have ever had.  I am definitely still processing the vivid presence of Divine guidance that manifested, and the effect this has had on my tissues, and my practice and everything else.  You have helped me take a big step towards being more fully embodied, and it feels like Home.  Thank you."

---Joshua Krembs D.O. (Pittsfield, MA)

"Jojo's professionalism, insight and compassion make him an extraordinary person to work with. He has a deep understanding of the healing nature of the human body.Through his powerful use of mantra, I was able to clear deep emotional wounds that helped me deepen my sense of purpose and find more joy! I highly recommend this gifted, intuitive healer."

---Melissa (Hendersonville NC)

" I received prayerful resonance chant healing with JoJo in Costa Rica in 2008. I was really moved by my experience. I think this is, and can be, a life changing spiritual experience."
-Azra (UK)

"Through his own work of coming in contact with Spirit again and again, JoJo is able to walk with us into that subtle space of prayer and communion.  His unconditional love and compassionate acceptance gives us the courage to connect with the healing power and grace of Divinity.  I began my session with a subconscious resistance to receiving that grace due to deep feelings of unworthiness, but the sincerity and gentle persistence of his song and heart opened me to the awesomeness of God's love that is eternally present for me, resulting in a powerful catharsis and healing."
-Leslie (Oakland CA)

 "The insight you provided has been especially valuable in my professional life . After struggling with numerous demands and feeling frequently overwhelmed and frustrated at work , finding an inner peace and centering when I need it is great !  I'm glad that you offer these" sessions!
-Linda (Easthampton MA) 

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